Bryon O'Neal
  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • 5677032106
  • Bryon O’Neal was hired at Meijer #35 in Taylor, Michigan, as a bagger in 1979. A member of UFCW, he used the promotional opportunity language in his union contract to claim an open position in the grocery department as a night stocker. When he was working at Meijer, Bryon served as a Steward and as a member of the Bargaining Committee for UFCW Local 951. In 1987, Bryon was hired by Local 951 as a Union Representative, and was subsequently elected to the Executive Board of UFCW Local 951.

    In 1992, Bryon assisted UFCW Local 1099 with the opening of new Meijer stores in the Dayton area. After several weeks of servicing members in Meijer stores and training of local union staff and stewards on contract language, Bryon joined the staff of UFCW Local 1099 as a Union Representative.

    During his tenure with UFCW Local 1099, Bryon served as a Union Representative, Union Organizer, and Director of Representatives. Bryon was also elected to the UFCW Local 1099 Executive Board and served as a delegate to a number of local labor councils.

    After the merger between former UFCW Locals 911 and 1099 to form UFCW Local 75 in 2009, Bryon moved to Toledo. Since then, Bryon has served as Assistant Director of Collective Bargaining, Director of Collective Bargaining. In addition to serving as Secretary-Treasurer, Bryon is also a Trustee on the Heartland Pension Fund, and a member of the UFCW Local 75 Executive Board.

    Bryon lives in Whitehouse, Ohio. He has been married to his wife, Michelle, since 1994 and has two children, Brad and Connor.