Political Action

All across the country, corporations and the super-rich are funneling unprecedented amounts of money into legislative attacks on workers, women, and voting rights. Their goal is to create an even more unbalanced economy where the rich get richer, the powerful stay in power, and working people have no mechanism to fight back.

Through our political action, Local 75 members work to level the playing field. By bringing together thousands of workers, our voice is amplified to a decibel that is impossible to ignore.

For more information, or to find out how to get involved, please contact Bill Benner at 877-665-0075 ext. 1113 or email bill.benner@ufcw75.org.

UFCW Local 75 Candidate Endorsements
Standing with Walmart Workers

We’re proud to stand with Walmart workers who are fighting to win a living wage and respect from the richest company in the world. Walmart makes more than $17 billion in profits each year, yet  most “associates” are paid too little to support their families without public assistance like food stamps and Medicaid.

Walmart workers are standing up and fighting back–and UFCW members are standing with them.

Visit: http://forrespect.org

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Now is the time to create a fair, modern, and moral immigration system that treats immigrants with dignity and protects families. The current system penalizes too many people whose only crime is trying to build a better life—people who work hard, pay taxes, and contribute to our communities.

Comprehensive reform of our immigration policy would allow 11 million aspiring citizens to come out of the shadows and participate fully in our economy and our democracy.