Kroger 2022 Biometric Screening Form

Kroger members enrolled in the Heartland Health and Wellness Fund – Please download/print this from. 

Complete with your healthcare provider and submit to the Heartland Health and Wellness Fund via one of the options listed on the form by September 15, 2022.  Members not submitting a form or forms submitted after September 15, 2022 will result in a 30% increase in your 2023 healthcare premium.

Why Participate?

Stay healthy, and earn rewards along the way for participating! Complete a biometric screening by September 15, 2022 to earn your wellness incentive for 2023. Information regarding your wellness incentive and eligibility is located in your local collective bargaining agreement.

Instructions to participate are below. If you have any questions please contact the Fund office by calling 937.665.1900 or emailing

Where can I find my Medical ID number?

Your medical ID number is located on your Anthem medical ID card. The number begins with a 3 letter prefix. This number is unique to your enrolled benefits and assists Heartland and your care team locating you in the system.

Click here to download the Biometric Screening Form

How to Participate

  1. Make an appointment for a biometric screening with your in-network primary care physician or another health care provider between January 1 and September 15, 2022.

  2. Bring a wellness passport and medical ID card to your appointment. Fill out the form on the back and have your health care provider enter results and sign.

  3. It is YOUR responsibility to mail, email or fax your completed wellness passport to the Fund.

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Know Your Rights!

Weingarten Rights for Representation

Saying, "I would like my union representative present" during an investigative interview is enough to invoke your Weingarten Rights.

When do employees have a right to representation under Weingarten?

If you have a reasonable belief that the answers you give might result in your being disciplined, you have a right to union representation during the meeting. Employees are entitled to Weingarten rights in the following situations:

  •  "Investigatory interviews," in which the supervisor is seeking to elicit facts, to have the employee explain his or her conduct, to discover the employee's "side of the story" or to obtain admissions or other evidence.
  •  A supervisor's request for a written statement or written answers to interrogatories about an incident or accident in which the employee's own conduct may be at issue.
  • A meeting or discussion in which the employer either has not yet decided whether to impose discipline or is seeking information to support that decision.
  • The employee reasonably believes that the investigation may result in discharge, discipline, demotion, or other adverse consequence to their job status or working conditions.