Five Steps to a Union

1. Unite with your co-workers.

When you decide you want a union at your workplace, you and your-co-workers meet with UFCW representatives and make a plan. A committee of workers gathers names and addresses of your co-workers interested in forming a union.

2. A petition is filed and voting date is set.

When a strong majority of workers sign union cards, we will present the cards to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), an agency of the Federal Government, and ask them to conduct an election. UFCW, the company, and the NLRB set your voting date.

3. Vote UNION YES.

Voting UNION YES gives you the right to sit down with management to negotiate a contract and make improvements to your wages, benefits, and working conditions. If a majority of workers at your workplace vote YES, then you all move on to step 4.

4. Form a negotiating committee.

A committee made up of your co-workers and UFCW representatives will meet with the company to bargain a union contract with guaranteed wages, benefits, and working conditions.

5. Vote on your contract.

You decide whether you like the agreed-upon wages, benefits, and working conditions and vote to accept or reject it. No one pays union dues until after you approve a contract.