Food Workers Rising

Food Packing and Processing Workers United for Good Jobs and Strong Communities

All across the country, people are  working harder for less. Corporations and the wealthy reaped the benefits of the economic recovery while working families and our communities were left behind. Unemployment is down, but poverty is rising as wages decline. That’s why Food workers in southwest Ohio are joining the national movement of workers calling for $15 and a union.

Despite the high concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the Cincinnati area, poverty in our region has grown significantly since 2010. Today, nearly one in five children in the tri-­‐state area lives in poverty. Ohioans aren’t poor because they’re not working; they’re poor because their jobs don’t pay a living wage. In almost all of Ohio’s largest occupational categories, wages are too low to bring full-­‐ time workers above 150% of the official poverty level.

Women and men who work food packing and processing plants perform difficult and dangerous work every day. Many are paid poverty wages and forced to rely on public assistance programs to make ends meet. Food workers are coming together to raise standards in their industry and to bring good jobs back to our communities. They’re organizing a union and calling for all food packing and processing jobs in the region to pay at least $15.

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