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    Earn cash back on your home sale or purchase

    Buying or selling a home? You can earn up to $500 cash back* for every $100,000 in home value when you use a participating real estate agent referred by SIRVA.

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    Union members can earn significant cash back rewards after closing when you use one of SIRVA’s referred real estate agents to buy or sell your home.

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    How much money will you get back?

    Union members earn on average $1,368.42** cash back when buying or selling a home with a referred real estate agent from SIRVA.

    For every $100,000 in home value at closing, you earn up to $500 cash back after you close. Here are some cash back examples:

    • Your home value: $150,000. You earn $750.  

    • Your home value: $250,000. You earn $1,250.  

    • Your home value: $350,000. You earn $1,750.  

    • Your home value: $450,000. You earn $2,250.  

    Look what people are saying

    Our agent helped us purchase our home. We just moved in a few days ago and she’s still helping us with stuff. They’re the most amazing agents we’ve worked with.

    Howard F. BRS

    What I’m so impressed by is the fact that Union Plus is providing benefits for and actually caring about hard working Americans.

    Meesha T. AFT Member