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  • Quality legal assistance at an affordable price
  • Get quality legal assistance at an affordable price

    Do you have a legal question? Need to hire an attorney? Because you’re a union member, you can get free access to basic legal help or upgrade to a higher level of premium legal services for a low monthly fee.

    Open enrollment ends December 4, 2020.

    Choose the legal program that’s right for you

    I need to hire an attorney

    Premium: Metlife Legal Plans

    For a low fee of $19.95* a month, you'll have access to a network of experienced attorneys, ready whenever you are.

    Unlimited access to legal assistance 

    All attorney fees are paid by the plan for covered matters**

    Expert legal advice and representation, in person or by phone 

    Network of over 18,000 attorneys

    No limitations such as hour or dollar caps on covered matters

    Digital estate planning to create wills, living wills and powers of attorney in as little as 15 minutes

    Already enrolled? For billing inquiries and membership status, call 800-339-0616. 

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    I have a legal question

    Basic: CLC Legal Plan

    Your union membership gives you FREE access to basic legal benefits. 

    Free initial thirty-minute consultation 

    25% discount off attorney’s hourly or flat rate fees 

    Over 6,800 participating law firms 

    Virtually all types of legal matters are eligible 

    After registration, you'll be provided with the toll-free number to call for a referral 

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