UFCW75 Members at Silgan Container Overwhelmingly Authorize Strike

By a vote of 99% in favor, members of United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) Local 75 working at Silgan container authorized strike action at a meeting today. Approximately 170 members of UFCW can products for Campbell’s at the Silgan plant adjacent to Campbell’s.

The union and company have met six times, but the Company has made little movement to even address the issues and proposals from the union. The Company has not responded to the union’s wage proposal or made one of its own. Despite a union proposal that saves the Company nearly $80,000 per year, it proposes cutting benefits and increasing costs for the employees. In addition, Silgan is proposing concessionary language, including cuts to premium and vacation pay, eliminating certain types of seniority, lessening job security, and doing away with the Christmas bonus.

Members of UFCW Local 75 recently approved a new three-year agreement with Campbell’s Soup. In the past, members at Silgan have successfully bargained contracts with similar wages and benefits as the Campbell’s contract, providing good jobs for many families in our community. Silgan is a successful, profitable company, but this time, it seems to be more interested in boosting its bottom line than building a strong community.

The next bargaining sessions are scheduled for Monday, March 14, and Tuesday, March 15.