Member Spotlight: Steve Parrock

Meet Steve Parrock. Steve works as meat cutter at the Burlington, Kentucky Kroger store. He is an active member of UFCW Local 75 and has been a steward since the late 1990s.

Steve with his horse, Spend and Spree

Steve with his horse, Spend and Spree

Steve is a strong advocate for getting involved with politics and learning about the issues that affect working men and women. He has been out on political leave three times, most recently in 2015 for Jack Conway’s campaign for Kentucky governor. He spent six weeks traveling to all of the Kroger stores in his zone, as well as Meijer and CVS stores, educating fellow workers about the race and encouraging them to vote for Conway.

“We need more people going into the stores. We’ve got to fight,” says Steve. He points out the connection between politics and workers’ contracts, especially with the threat of right-to-work legislation. “Politics are what set the laws on us being able to negotiate contracts. The seats really need to be filled with people we can count on,” says Steve. “We need politicians to make laws that give working people a livable wage and a career.”

With primary elections coming up in just a few weeks, as well as a special election in Kentucky on March 8, this is an especially important message to keep in mind. Research the issues and candidates on your ballots, and as Steve says, “get out and vote!”