UFCW Local 75 Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

UFCW Local 75 stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter Cincinnati and with the Black Lives Matter movement in opposition to systemic racism in our communities and in our economy. Our union is committed to the pursuit of justice and equality for all people in the workplace and in society.

Recent tragic and senseless deaths highlight systemic problems that still plague our nation—abject poverty, the lack of good jobs, an absence of racial diversity in the halls of power. We need to address these challenges head on, and labor has a role to play by offering workers the opportunity for a better life.

Every day, millions of working families experience the effects of economic inequality. The retail industry is one of the largest sources of new employment in the US, and the second-largest employer of Black Americans. However, Black retail workers are disproportionately sorted into lower-paying positions and paid 10%-25% less than white workers for the same jobs.

Together, we have the power to organize and confront inequality in all its forms. We will continue to fight for social, economic, and racial justice because #BlackWorkMatters and #BlackLivesMatter.