Meet Our UFCW GOLD Interns

Gold-Intern-Group-2015The 2015 UFCW GOLD Internship Program has officially begun. This summer program gives local union members the opportunity to learn more about the labor movement and work on active UFCW campaigns. For the next six weeks, 27 GOLD interns will be working on action projects in Atlanta, Louisville, St. Louis, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

Two Local 75 members, Autumn Spisak and Robert Scott, are participating in the program this year.

Member Spotlight_Autumn SpisakAutumn Spisak

Autumn Spisak is 26 years old and has worked for Kroger since she was 16. She lives in Latonia, Kentucky. Autumn has been an active member of Local 75 for years, and wants to learn more about the work that goes into making a union function. She believes that unions play an important role in society. “There’s no doubt that unions are good for workers overall,” Autumn says. “Unions make it possible for people to have stability in their jobs, raise families, and access affordable health care.”


Member Spotlight_Robert ScottRobert Scott

Robert Scott is 19 years old and lives in Norwood, Ohio. In addition to working full-time at Kroger, Robert attends college, taking classes at both the University of Cincinnati and Cincinnati State. Before he came to work at Kroger, Robert worked at McDonalds. “I think all workers need unions,” Robert says. “Unions help people get fair pay and regular wage increases. When I worked at McDonalds, I made $8.30. And I made more than almost anyone there.”