Cincinnati Kroger Bargaining Update

UFCW Local 75 and Kroger continue negotiations for the Cincinnati agreement.

Today, your Union Bargaining Committee presented another language proposal including several tentatively agreed to items and proposed a number of additional items to resolve outstanding issues related to qualifying for full-time status and benefits, seniority provisions, and other language difference between Dayton and Cincinnati.

We’ve been working toward a merged agreement between Cincinnati and Dayton; such a merger has been discussed for decades. A bigger, stronger bargaining unit would mean more power for our members and could assist in stabilizing health care costs, but we cannot compromise our strongest contract language in the interest of a single agreement.

We expect that the remainder of our data request from outside consultants will be available soon. We are working on plan designs that will make changes to your health care as manageable as possible, but the Company’s proposed budget would mean higher costs and benefit cuts for you. This is part of the reason why negotiations are taking so long.

The bargaining parties are scheduled to meet every day this week.

For more information, please contact your Union Representative.

The UFCW Local 75/Cincinnati Kroger contract is on extension; it covers about 12,000 people. The UFCW Local 75/Dayton Kroger contract expires in June 2015; it covers about 4,000 people.