Hundreds March on May Day for Justice and Economic Opportunity

may dayOn Thursday, May 1, hundreds of workers and community members participated in a May Day march through downtown Cincinnati. A coalition of union members, immigrant rights activists, and faith leaders organized the march to address inequality in our communities and to call for justice and economic opportunity for everyone who lives and works in Ohio.

Rising income inequality has left 34% of Cincinnati residents and 53% of Cincinnati children below the poverty level. Being poor means less access to education, health care, and safe, affordable housing. In fact, life expectancy in Cincinnati varies by as much as 20 years between high-income and low-income neighborhoods. In addition to addressing the crisis of income inequality in our communities, the group called on elected officials to protect voting rights in Ohio and to take action on immigration reform.

Thursday’s march began at City Hall, following a short program featuring workers, DREAMers, and community leaders, including immigrant rights activist Eliseo Medina and City Councilmember PG SIttenfeld. The group then proceeded to the Hamilton County building, where community members and elected leaders asked county commissioners to stop standing in the way of good, local jobs. The march ended at the Hamilton County Board of Elections, where pastors called for an end to voter suppression in Ohio.