Cincinnati Kroger Bargaining Continued This Week

UFCW Local 75 and Kroger continued negotiations for the Cincinnati contract this week. Members of the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Toledo Union Bargaining Committees were joined by our UFCW Regional Director, a Contract Analyst from the International Union, and a Federal Mediator.

Over the years, members of UFCW Local 75 made difficult choices in order to keep some of the best, most affordable health care benefits in the industry.  And, again, we will have to make tough choices with this contract.  We want to make sure that any changes to your health care are as manageable as possible.

Even though Kroger is doing well, there are not unlimited resources available for a settlement.  Health care and wages will require significant resources.  You can’t eat it and you can’t pay your bills with it, but the cost – and the value – of your benefits is real.  Once resources are committed to paying for health care benefits, those resources are not available to be invested in other parts of the contract; similarly, if those resources are used for wage increases, they cannot also be used to invest in benefits.

We are continuing to cost and discuss the ways for us to bargain the best agreement we are able.

Bargaining is scheduled for next week for the agreements between UFCW Local 75 and Toledo Kroger; over 3,000 members of UFCW Local 75 work in Greater Toledo Area Kroger stores.

The Cincinnati Kroger Agreement remains on a day-to-day extension.

For more information, please contact your Union Representative.