Families, faith leaders, and immigrant rights activists participate in “pilgrimage” for immigration reform

IMG_1887On November 24, families and faith leaders gathered for a short program outside from San Carlos Church in Carthage before marching nearly four miles to Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Reading, OH—the parish where John Boehner attended church as a child. The group made the symbolic pilgrimage to appeal to Speaker Boehner, as a man of faith, to do the right thing for millions of families and pass comprehensive immigration reform.

The group of Ohio faith leaders were joined by immigrant rights activists from Arizona—including DREAMers—who have been travelling across the country engaging in protests, prayer vigils, and even fasting for immigration reform. As the holidays approach, reform advocates are asking the Speaker to remember the values he learned in this community and to take a stand for justice, equality, and family.

Every day, 1,100 men and women are separated from their families as a result of our broken immigration system. Meanwhile, a majority of Americans say they support immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship.